How to Insert Movies And Videos In PowerPoint Presentations



PowerPoint 2007 Movie Lesson

You might need to Inserting Movies embed a motion picture into your PowerPoint introduction. You can embed a film from a document on your PC or from the Microsoft Office cut coordinator. Likewise, PowerPoint gives you numerous choices to characterize how the motion picture will work in the introduction.

In this lesson, you will figure out how to embed two sorts of films and characterize the motion picture alternatives.




To embed a film from a document on your PC:

  • Select the slide where you need to embed the film.
  • Select the Insert tab.
  • Tap the drop-down bolt on the Movie order in the Media Clips gathering.

Insert Movie

  • Select Insert a Movie from File from the menu. The Insert Movie exchange box will show up.

Insert Movie from Computer

  • Find the document you need to embed from your PC.
  • Tap the document name.
  • Snap OK. The motion picture will show up on the slide. The Movie Tools Options tab and Picture Tools Format tab show up on the Ribbon when the film is embedded.

Insert Movie Dialog Box

  • A discourse box will show up. Snap Automatically or When Clicked. Naturally will begin the motion picture consequently when the slide shows up in Slide Show see, while When Clicked will begin the film when you click.

Start Movie

Estimating handles are situated around the motion picture. Snap, drag, and discharge the resizing handles to resize the film. The measuring handles work the same here as with pictures, content boxes, and shapes.

In the event that a slide design has a substance placeholder, tap the Insert Media Clip charge to embed a motion picture situated on your PC.

Working with films

To see the film:

  • Select the film on the slide.
  • Select the Options tab.
  • Tap the Preview order in the Play gathering.

Preview Movie

  • Press the Preview order again to stop the film before it gets done with playing.

To change the film volume:

  • Select the film on the slide.
  • Select the Options tab.
  • Tap the Slide Show Volume charge in the Movie Options gathering.
  • Select low, medium, high, or quiet to change the motion picture volume.

Change Movie Sound

To change when the motion picture begins:

  • Select the motion picture on the slide.
  • Select the Options tab.
  • Select the drop-down menu by Play Movie: in the Movie Options gathering to change whether the motion picture plays Automatically or When Clicked.

Change How to Play Movie

Different choices

Snap a crate to choose and deselect motion picture choices on the Movie Tools Options tab. These alternatives include:

  • Cover up During Show
  • Play Full Screen
  • Circle Until Stopped
  • Rewind Movie After Playing

Movie Options

Picture Tools Format tab

Huge numbers of the summons on the Format tab can’t be utilized to adjust the video essentially; in any case, a photo style can be connected to the motion picture.

Picture Tools

Embeddings motion picture cuts

To embed a motion picture from the clasp coordinator:

  • Select the slide where you need to embed a motion picture cut.
  • Select the Insert tab.
  • Tap the Movie summon in the Media Clips gathering.

Movie Command

  • Select Movie from Clip Organizer from the menu. The Clip Art undertaking sheet will show up on the right.

Insert Movie from Clip Organizer

  • Enter watchwords in the inquiry field.
  • Snap Go. Motion picture cuts that meet the catchphrase pursuit will show up in the errand sheet.

Movie Clip Results

  • Snap a clasp to embed it. The clasp will show up on the slide.

Films in the clasp coordinator are like vivified picture records. You can choose Office Online at the base of the Clip Art undertaking sheet to see extra film cuts.

To erase a media cut:

  • Select the motion picture from your PC or the clasp coordinator.
  • Tap the Delete key.

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