How To View and Print Slides In PowerPoint Presentations


When you get done with making slides, you might need to see your introduction to ensure every one of them show up how you need. PowerPoint enables you to see the introduction in four courses, contingent upon which assignment you are finishing. For instance, in the event that you will utilize your slides to converse with a group of people—which is the means by which PowerPoint is frequently utilized—you might need to rehearse your introduction and view your slides in Slide Show see.

You may likewise need to print duplicates of the slides, either for yourself or for individuals seeing your introduction. You have a few printing alternatives that are particular to PowerPoint. This lesson covers the distinctive ways you can view and print your PowerPoint slides, contingent upon your necessities.

PowerPoint 2007 Views

Slide sees

It’s essential for you to have the capacity to get to the diverse PowerPoint slide perspectives and utilize them for different undertakings. Three of the four perspectives are obvious from the Normal default see. The slide see charges are situated on the base right half of the PowerPoint window in Normal view. Snap a view order to change to that view.

Ordinary view: This view is the place you make and alter your slides. You can likewise move slides in the Slides tab on the assignment sheet on the left.


Slide Sorter see: Miniature slides are orchestrated on the screen in this view. You can relocate slides effectively to reorder them, and you can see more slides at one time. This is a decent view to use to affirm that you have all the fundamental slides and that none have been erased.

 Sorter View

Slide Show see: This view fills the PC screen with a slide and is the thing that the group of onlookers will see when they see the introduction. The Slide Show see has an extra menu that enables you to explore the slides, and in addition different highlights you can use amid an introduction.

Slide Show View

Utilize the bolt keys, Page Up and Page Down keys, spacebar, and Enter key to travel through the slides in Slide Show see. Press the Esc key to end a slide appear.

The slide demonstrate menu

Bolts: The forward bolt shows the following slide, while the back bolt shows the past slide.


Menu symbol: Click the menu symbol, and a menu creates the impression that gives you the choice to move to the following or past slide, hop to a particular slide, change your screen alternatives, or end the show.


Pen symbol: Click the pen symbol, and a menu creates the impression that enables you to change your cursor to a ballpoint pen, felt-tip pen, or highlighter, and also to pick the shade of the pen. This enables you to explain your slides and make notes while you present to a group of people.


Notes Page see

The fourth view is Notes Page see. It isn’t one of the view charges included at the base of Normal view; be that as it may, it can be gotten to from the View tab. Notes Page see gives a space to introduction notes, which are frequently called speaker notes. The notes can be added to the introduction from this view. You can enter your speaker notes straightforwardly into the content placeholder in Notes Page see, or while in Normal view you can enter your notes in the zone underneath the slide.

To change to Notes Page see:

  • Select the View tab.
  • Find the four view summons on the left half of the Presentation Views gathering.

All Views

  • Snap Notes Page see.

Notes Page


You might need to print duplicates of your slides for the general population who see your introduction or for yourself. There are three print choices accessible from the Microsoft Office catch menu: Print, Quick Print, and Print Preview.

Print Options

To utilize Print Preview:

  • Tap the Microsoft Office catch.
  • Select PrintactionPrint Preview. The introduction opens in Print Preview design.

Print Preview

From here, you can see each slide in grayscale, settle on choices about whether to print the slides separately or as presents, and pick different alternatives.

Print Preview

To print:

  • Tap the Microsoft Office catch.
  • Select PrintactionPrint. The Print exchange box shows up.


  • Select the printer you need to utilize in the event that you have in excess of one printer.

Printer Choice

  • Snap Properties. From here, you can settle on decisions on paper size and whether to print on the two sides. These choices differ from printer to printer.
  • Enter a print extend.
  • Leave the default setting, All, chose, or click Slides.
  • The field adjacent to it will wind up dynamic, and you can enter the slide quantities of the slides you need to print.

Print Range

  • Choose what you need to print: slides, gifts, notes pages, or a layout.
  • Gifts print a few slides for every page. The default is six, however you can transform it to three and have space for somebody to take notes or set another measure of slides per page.
  • Pick even or vertical slide design, if given the alternative.
  • You can print Notes Pages on the off chance that you composed speaker notes for the slides.
  • You can print in grayscale or shading.

Print Range

  • Pick the quantity of duplicates to print.
  • Snap OK.

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