How to Utilize Proofing Features In Microsoft PowerPoint 2007



PowerPoint 2007 ProofingDo you experience difficulty spelling? Would you be able to utilize help picking words once in a while? Is it accurate to say that you are a terrible typist? Provided that this is true, don’t be stressed. PowerPoint furnishes you with a few sealing highlights that will enable you to create an expert, mistake free introduction. In this lesson, you will find out about sealing in PowerPoint, including how to utilize the spelling instrument in different ways.



To utilize the spelling check highlight:

  • Right-tap the underlined word. A menu will show up.
  • Select the right spelling of the word from the recorded proposals.
  • Left-tap the word. It will show up in the report.

Spelling Options

You can overlook an underlined word, add it to the lexicon, or go to the Spelling exchange box.

To add a word to the lexicon:

  • Right-tap the underlined word. A menu will show up.
  • Select Add to Dictionary.

Add Word to Dictionary

Once the word is added to the lexicon, it won’t show up underlined when it is utilized once more.

Sealing highlights

To spell check the whole introduction:

  • Select the Review tab.
  • Tap the Spelling order in the Proofing gathering. An exchange box will show up.

Spelling Command

  • Find the word that isn’t in the lexicon.

Spell Checker

  • Choose whether you need to disregard the word or change it.
  • In the event that you need to overlook the word, click Ignore, or snap Ignore All to disregard all occurrences of the word.
  • On the off chance that you need to change the word, select the right spelling from the Suggestions list.
  • Snap Change, or snap Change All to change all occasions of the word.

Spell Checker 2

  • Proceed through the spelling check process until the point when the whole introduction is checked. A discourse box will show up telling you the introduction has been checked.
  • Snap OK.

There are extra catches in the Spelling discourse box. For instance, you can add a word to the lexicon, close the discourse box, and search for different proposals.

Other sealing orders

The Proofing bunch incorporates four different orders.

  • Research: This opens an assignment sheet on the correct side of the PowerPoint window. From here, you can seek lexicons, reference books, and other material for data on a chose word or expression.
  • Thesaurus: This opens a Research errand sheet with the thesaurus instrument chose. You can utilize the thesaurus to distinguish words that have a comparable significance to another word.
  • Interpret: This opens a Research assignment sheet with the interpretation device chose. This device interprets content starting with one dialect then onto the next.
  • Dialect: This opens an exchange box where you can set the dialect the PowerPoint spelling apparatus will use to check introductions.

Proofing Commands

Sealing choices

Not with standing sealing devices on the Review tab, there are sealing alternatives you can set in your PowerPoint Options discourse box.

To get to your sealing PowerPoint choices:

  • Tap the Microsoft Office catch.
  • Snap PowerPoint Options. The discourse box will show up.

PowerPoint Options

  • Snap Proofing on the left half of the PowerPoint Options exchange box.

Choose Proofing

  • From here, you can alter the sealing alternatives that will decide how sealing highlights work in PowerPoint.

Proofing PowerPoint Options

  • Snap OK when you are done altering your sealing choices.

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