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PowerPoint 2007 Themes

A subject is a predefined blend of hues, text styles, and impacts that can be connected to your introduction. PowerPoint incorporates worked in topics that enable you to effortlessly make proficient looking introductions without investing a ton of energy designing. Each topic has extra foundation styles related with it that can be connected to the slides to alter the subject.

In this lesson, you will figure out how to apply a subject; how to alter topic hues, text styles, and impacts; and how to apply a foundation style.

About topics

A topic is naturally connected when you make another introduction in PowerPoint, despite the fact that the slide foundation is white. This default subject is known as the Office Theme. The Office Theme comprises of a white foundation and Calibri textual style of different sizes for titles and body content.

Default Theme

You can apply an alternate topic to your slides previously adding content or rolling out improvements to the default slide. Favorable position of doing this is the area of the content won’t move. On the off chance that you apply the topic in the wake of entering content on the slides, the content boxes and placeholders may move, contingent upon the subject you pick.

Favorable position of entering a portion of your content before applying another topic is that the live review highlight enables you to perceive how the subjects will influence your particular content. The case beneath is the Aspect subject.

Aspect Theme


You should know how to apply a topic and change to an alternate topic in the event that you need to utilize this component to make introductions. The greater part of the topics that come incorporated into PowerPoint are situated in the Themes amass on the Design tab.

To apply a topic:

  • Select the Design tab.
  • Find the Themes gathering. Each picture speaks to a topic.

Themes Group

  • Tap the drop-down bolt to get to more topics.
  • Drift over a subject to see a live review of it in the introduction. The name of the subject will show up as you float over it.

Theme Preview

  • Snap a topic to apply it to the slides.

You can get to extra topics on Microsoft Office Online or make your own.

Text styles that are changed with the text dimension and style menus won’t change when you apply another subject.

Changing subjects

You can likewise change the present topic hues, textual styles, and impacts. For instance, in the event that you like the Urban topic yet would want to utilize more red in your introduction, you can change the shades of the subject and make another custom topic. In the event that you would like to utilize the Verdana textual style so your introduction textual style will coordinate your organization logo and materials, you can alter the text style blend and spare it.

PowerPoint subjects are effective on the grounds that they enable you to make proficient looking slides effortlessly. The alternative to adjust these subjects makes it a much more vigorous and capable device since you can redo topics in light of your needs and inclinations.

To change to an alternate subject shading choice:

  • Select the Colors charge in the Themes assemble on the Design tab.

Color Command

  • Float over a shading gathering to show a live review of the shading mix on the chose slide.

Color Menu

  • Snap a shading choice to choose it.

To change the present topic hues:

  • Select the Colors summon in the Themes bunch on the Design tab.
  • Snap Create New Theme Colors from the menu. A discourse box will show up.

Change Colors

  • Snap a shading choice to show a shading menu. Pick a shading to change the alternative.

New Theme Colors

  • Enter a name for the new topic shading mix.
  • Snap Save.

Changing subjects

To change to an alternate topic textual style choice:

  • Select the Fonts charge in the Themes gather on the Design tab.

Font Command

  • Float over a textual style gathering to show a live review of the text style mix on the chose slide.

Font Menu

  • Snap a textual style choice to choose it.

Font Menu

  • Select the Fonts summon in the Themes amass on the Design tab.

Snap Create New Theme Fonts. An exchange box will show up.

  • Change Fonts from Menu
  • Select new textual styles utilizing the drop-down menus.

Change Fonts from Menu

  • Enter a name for the new subject text style blend.

New Theme Fonts

  • To change to an alternate subject impacts choice:

Impacts Command

  • Select the Effects order in the Themes aggregate on the Design tab. A menu will show up.

Effects Command

  • Select an impact alternative from the menu.

Effects Menu Options

Foundation styles

Foundation styles can be added to your slides after a subject is connected. The styles are fill varieties in light of topic hues. When you change to an alternate topic, the foundation styles are refreshed in light of the new subject hues. The foundation style choices for the Urban topic are not the same as the foundation style choices for the Apex topic. The hues are distinctive in light of the topic hues.

To apply a foundation style:

  • Tap the Background Styles summon out of sight gather on the Design tab.

Background Group

  • Snap a style to choose it. The new foundation will show up in the slides.

Background Style

You can choose Format Background from the menu to open a discourse box and roll out improvements to the foundation shading.

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