How to join Access User Groups and Events – or set up your own

Is it accurate to say that you are keen on joining or building up a group or occasion identified with Access User? I might want to share some foundation, techniques, and tips to enable you. In any case, initial, a little about me: I’m the coordinator of the two greatest Access User gatherings on the planet. I have established a few Access User Groups in Germany, Austria, and Italy – both neighborhood with disconnected gatherings and worldwide with online character. I have helped other client bunches begin and have gone by and talked at numerous client gatherings and Access occasions in different nations. Likewise critical: I’ve had my offer of disappointments and oversights. Not all things attempted has worked and not in each area.


Access is in a troublesome position in all parts of the world: its essential advancements are maturing, its open picture is flawed, gossipy tidbits about its passing over and again feed fears, and numerous IT offices aren’t enthused about supporting it. What’s more, these issues were just exacerbated by the years when Microsoft focused on Access Web Apps and expostulated a great deal of highlights from the work area rendition of Access.

In any case, these circumstances are finished! The work area adaptation has Microsoft’s full help once more, and the item’s unquestionable qualities as a RAD apparatus and database improvement stage have enabled it to keep up a strong position in the market. Over the most recent couple of years the Access Team has actualized numerous new highlights and keeps on working effectively on the item. So there is uplifting news: we can tell the world that the item lives and advances. This is an awesome minute to begin new group activities for Access!

I unequivocally trust that an item’s biological system – groups, client gatherings, occasions, media, picture, PR and so on – is of equivalent significance for the diligence and position of an advancement stage to the item’s genuine list of capabilities and arrangements – and that is the explanation behind this article.

Tip 1: First get yourself outfitted with valuable key Access material: most importantly, read (and remember ;- )) Luke Chung’s principal key article. At that point plunge further: scrutinize other material like my index for the expert Access application. Be educated about new improvements and highlights in Access, read examples of overcoming adversity about the item, and assemble your own arrangement of genuine contentions and substance for whatever group movement you design. Great spots to begin are the Access group’s new blog stage and the What’s new in Access article at

Access client gatherings

There are a lot of existing Access client bunches around. Nonetheless, a large number of them are not exceptionally dynamic because of the issues I specified previously. In any case, you might have the capacity to just join and assume a dynamic part in – or even resuscitate – such a client gathering on the off chance that you invest some exertion. Now and again existing gatherings can at any rate be a decent beginning spot to discover and gather a couple of intrigued individuals for another exertion.

Tip 2: As a begin, complete a genuine web seek about existing client bunches in your district or dialect. Do likewise for sites about Access that begin in your locale.

In the event that you need to begin without any preparation, I would even propose taking note of each partner’s name and email/web address from your district you go over, all things considered, in your exploration, in specialized discussions about Access, or in online networking like LinkedIn or XING.

To begin another client gathering, nothing is more profitable than a considerable rundown of names and addresses. The more you have, the better your possibility of progress. Just a portion will be intrigued and take a dynamic part in whatever you attempt to begin. Try not to be baffled. It’s constantly similar to that.

Tip 3: One orderly strategy for gathering contact data for invested individuals is to set up an instructive website page where you illustrate your identity, what others may pick up by taking an interest, and so forth., and let individuals leave their contact email addresses. This doesn’t need to be another webspace. A devoted presentation page at a current site can even be more dependable, particularly if there is other certifiable and Access-related substance as of now there.

You should utilize a typical site – not a “rich” stage where individuals must be a part or sign in – to persuade the broadest conceivable scope of outsiders to venture out. It’s essential to reach data a low/no boundary thing.

Obviously, you have to promote the page wherever you can, and continue publicizing it for a few months: you never know who understands it, when, and where. When you accumulate a couple (or ideally many) contact addresses, there ought to be a physical, disconnected gathering where interests and plans to continue are examined.

Tip 4: Generally a site with data about your client aggregate is something imperative additionally over the long haul. Once more, don’t depend on stages that need a type of participation and login. Utilize a plain straightforward site or blogging stage. Distribute declarations and dates there, alongside reports and pictures about past gathering exercises.

Tip 5: Advertise your arranged client gathering or exercises in the correct spots. There is the new Microsoft Tech Community Forum for Access which is expressly committed to help group activities. There are the Microsoft people group and MSDN discussions for Access, and furthermore outsider stages, the greatest being Utter Access. Get the word out additionally through LinkedIn and Facebook and so on and obviously utilize each accessible Access related stage in your dialect or district as dead as it might appear. You never know who still understands it.

Tip 6: Implement a settled cadence for your client gather gatherings, similar to each first Tuesday of the month or such. There may not be many individuals at each gathering, particularly in the first place, however recurrence, consistency and unwavering quality are basic to give a client a chance to assemble develop over the long haul.

Tip 7: Get intriguing substance or potentially speakers for each gathering. It doesn’t need to be some shocking two hour introduction, yet consider an aphorism, some utilization case cases, and some approaches to inspire participants to play a dynamic part. (See likewise tip 9+10.)

Tip 8: Offline client bunches are completely ideal, as they give the wealthiest experience, contacts and so forth. Be that as it may on the off chance that you are excessively segregated, or on the off chance that you don’t have accomplishment in actualizing a true client gathering, at that point there is an option: on the virtual Access client bunches stage, you can either join a current gathering or make and lead a virtual gathering for your district or dialect.

Access occasions

There are a few existing occasions for Access clients and particularly designers. These meetings have imperative capacities. Not exclusively to be exceptional about the item yet in addition as meeting spots to trade data, for proficient designers to know the business sectors and rates, act naturally sure as Access engineer, learn new aptitudes, incorporate present day SW improvement strategies in the Access work and so on.

Some current occasions:

  • The German Access improvement gathering AEK is the greatest with 200+ participants each harvest time.
  • The Access DevCon Vienna takes after with 60 participants from 13 nations in its second year.
  • The universal yearly PAUG meeting of the Portland (Oregon, USA) Access User Group.
  • The generally semiannual National Seminarse. one day occasions of the UK Access User Group (UKAUG).
  • The incidental Access Days in the US composed by JStreet Technologies.
  • The yearly gathering of the Spanish Access User Group.

In the event that you need to set up your own particular Access occasion, it doesn’t need to be a universal meeting. It is improving and inspiring for the gathering to hold a yearly greater gathering of your territorial client bunch where you additionally potentially welcome outside speakers.

Tip 9: The Microsoft Tech Community gives an uncommon Community Leadership Kit composed by Jono Bacon, a group pioneer master. This archive contains valuable data on the most proficient method to build up and keep up disconnected client gatherings and specifically how to sort out occasions.

Not everything in the unit will fit your motivation – Access is a unique creature with respect to supports, and there are parcel of social contrasts on the planet. All things considered, the record is an important asset, particularly on the off chance that you are beginning without any preparation.

Tip 10: Become an individual from the Microsoft Tech Community for Access!

The Access Tech Community is the focal place to connect with the Microsoft Access item gathering and the Access MVPs. We want to help thoughts and endeavors for the item and its clients. This could be a client gathering, an occasion, a site, a blog or other media activity – or whatever thoughts you have. We can furnish you with data, tips, hierarchical help, connections, speakers, and then some. Reveal to us what you design and where we can help!

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